Western San Luis Valley, Colorado

West SLV Transit Needs Study

The Western San Luis Valley Transit Committee, consisting of the following members: Saguache County, Rio Grande County, the Town of Saguache, the Town of Center, the City of Monte Vista, the Town of Del Norte, and the Saguache Chamber of Commerce, has contracted with LSC Transportation Consultants, Inc. to conduct a transit study in the Western San Luis Valley, Colorado (West SLV). The Western San Luis Valley Transit Committee and its Fiscal Agent, Neighbor to Neighbor, (dba The Chaffee Shuttle) received a 5304 grant from the Colorado Department of Transportation to fund of this study.

The purpose of the Western San Luis Valley Transit Committee is to investigate, document, and pursue transit services along the western side of the San Luis Valley, specifically along the major Colorado travel corridor known as the “Highway 285 Gunbarrel”. This travel corridor has been without any significant form of transit service for decades. The counties involved are characterized by small populations, with limited local services, high poverty, and great distances between population/service centers.

 The purpose of this transit study is to:

  •  Inventory all existing transportation services within the West SLV study area, including: independent shuttles, senior care shuttle, veteran transit service, taxi service, etc.

  •  Research traffic counts on all major travel corridors within the West SLV, including seasonal traffic volumes and mode of transportation (commercial, private, etc.).

  •  Analyze demographic data for the four municipalities represented by the West SLV using U.S. Census and State Demography Office data. This will include density of transportation dependent groups (i.e., residents of zero-vehicle households, older adult population, low-income population, etc.), household income, employment data and commuting patterns, etc.

  •  Conduct a community transportation survey to determine the transit needs, desires, and expectations for residents of the four municipalities represented by the West SLV.

  •  Evaluate and develop viable transit service options for the West SLV study area using a variety of transit service delivery models like demand response/Dial-a-Ride service, Fixed-Route service, flexible route service (i.e. checkpoint service, route deviation service), etc.

  •  Develop a recommended plan, including type, cost, and performance of service, capital needs, governance structure, and a financial plan with possible funding sources that will be required to create and sustain an enduring transit system in the West SLV.


If you are a Western San Luis Valley resident, please take a moment to fill out a brief survey about your personal and household transportation needs. Your answers will help identify the transportation needs of the Western San Luis Valley.



Updated: 4/25/19