Bend, OR

Feasibility of Transit Access to Federal Public Lands

The Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council (COIC) contracted with LSC to complete a study on Planning for Transit to Federal Public Lands in Central Oregon. The COIC recently received a Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP) grant to study five transportation corridors for improved transit service to Federal lands and various visitor destinations. The FLAP grants were designed to assist local governments to improve access to nearby Federal lands.


Bent County, CO

Bent County Transit Expansion Study

Bent County has contracted with LSC Transportation Consultants, Inc. to complete a study of the need for and feasibility of providing regional transit services linking Prowers County, Bent County, and Otero County. The primary goal of the project is to develop the service and scheduling necessary to link the current community transit sertices in the study area from Lamar through Las Animas and La Junta to Rocky Ford along US 50.


Carbon County, MT

Carbon County Transit Development Plan

The Red Lodge Area Community Foundation (RLACF) sought qualified firms to conduct services necessary to prepare a new 5-Year Transit Development Plan (TDP) for Carbon County, Montana that considers the transportation needs of all Carbon County residents and works cooperatively with existing services to best serve Carbon County residents and possibly visitors.

Through recent community assessments, RLACF has identified transportation as a top concern among Carbon County residents, especially among older residents and those living in more remote locations.

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Casper, WY

Casper Transit Route and Schedule Analysis

LSC completed a detailed analysis of service to identify the best routes and schedules to meet the needs of the community. An implementation plan was prepared to increase service efficiency and better serve the community within funding constraints


Craig, CO

Transit Development Plan

The primary goal of this updated TDP is to identify unmet transportation needs in the City of Craig and the surrounding areas to determine if there is enough demand to warrant the provision of a basic level of public transit in the study area. Transportation needs and travel patterns change as communities experience change in growth, development, employment patterns, and aging population. Public transportation services must adjust to meet those needs.

El Dorado County, CA

El Dorado County Short and Long Range Transit Plans

LSC Transportation Consultants, Inc. was retained to prepare both a long-range (25 year) and short-range (5-year) comprehensive transit plan. The long-range plan was based upon a detailed analysis of land use and travel demand forecasts both within the county and throughout the region. This was used as the basis for long-range analysis of transit demand by passenger type, trip purpose and corridor. Long-range fleet, service levels, and facility needs were then defined, along with funding requirements. A specific review was conducted of the existing maintenance facility, identifying that it would be sufficient over the long-term planning period.


Inyo and Mono Counties

Eastern Sierra Transit Short Range Transit Plan

LSC was selected to prepare a Short Range Transit Plan for the Eastern Sierra Transit Authority. ESTA is an extensive system encompassing a large region of eastern California, including local routes and skier shuttles in the resort community of Mammoth Lakes; an intercity route connecting Reno, Nevada with Lancaster, California; inter-community routes along the US 395 corridor, lifeline services connecting remote communities, and rural dial-a-ride programs.


Jackson, WY

START Bus 2020-2025 Route Plan

START Bus has recently started an important project called the 2020-2025 Route Plan that will determine the future of how START’s routes can operate more effectively with maximum service effectiveness.


Jefferson County, MO

Coordinated Transit Plan

The Jefferson County Community Partnership has contracted with LSC Transportation Consultants, Inc. to complete the Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan for Jefferson County. This is an opportunity to identify unmet transportation needs, reduce duplication of services, and develop a coordinated transportation system for Jefferson County


Lawton, OK

LATS Bus Route Study

LSC Transportation Consultants, Inc. (LSC) is working with the Lawton Metropolitan Planning Organization (LMPO) and the Lawton Area Transit System (LATS) to provide transit planning services to ensure LATS is meeting the needs of the community. This study will include a comprehensive evaluation of the existing service, identify improvements which can be made to the existing service, and plan future improvements to meet changing needs.

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Logan, UT

Cache Valley Transit Short-Range Transit Plan

The Cache Valley Transit District (CVTD) contracted with LSC Transportation Consultants and Fehr & Peers to prepare a five year Transit Plan for the Cache Valley region. The primary focus of this effort is to improve efficiency of service delivery and effectively meet the transit needs of the community.


Richland County, MT

Transit Development Plan

LSC Transportation Consultants, Inc. (LSC) was selected by Richland County to complete a Transit Development Plan (TDP). The final 5-Year TDP will provide goals, priorities, and objectives for public transportation in Richland County, Montana.


San Luis Obispo, CA

Joint Short-Range Transit Plans

Using funds provided through the San Luis Obispo Council of Governments, LSC was selected (with AECOM as a subcontractor) to conduct joint Short Range Transit Plans for the San Luis Obispo Regional Transit Authority as well as the City of San Luis Obispo’s SLO Transit system. Together, these two systems serve over 1.8 million passenger boardings per year, including ridership generated by the California Polytechnic University. The resulting plans include an expansion of Express Service on the RTA system, and a wholescale route realignment of the SLO Transit program to focus services on high-demand areas.


Western San Luis Valley, CO

Transit Needs Study

The Western San Luis Valley Transit Committee has contracted with LSC to conduct a transit study in the Western San Luis Valley, Colorado (West SLV). The purpose of the Western San Luis Valley Transit Committee is to investigate, document, and pursue transit services along the western side of the San Luis Valley, specifically along the major Colorado travel corridor known as the “Highway 285 Gunbarrel”. This travel corridor has been without any significant form of transit service for decades.