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Citibus Comprehensive Operational Analysis

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Project Overview

The City of Lubbock/Citibus has started work on an important project called the Comprehensive Operational Analysis (COA) of its current local fixed-route bus, complementary paratransit services, and demand response services. This analysis will lead to recommendations for program and service design improvements for overall system efficiency and operational effectiveness.
The focus of COA recommendations will be:


Optimization of existing transit service: improved service deployment and operating metrics through efficient allocation of service hours and miles, reallocate resources to highest transit uses areas

Improved mobility: enhanced transit service levels and connectivity, redesigned/direct service, improved schedule adherence

Improved cost effectiveness: lower cost per rider, improved farebox recovery ratio

Easier to use, more passenger friendly Citibus system

This project is necessitated by flat and declining Citibus ridership in recent years; significant changes in land use development, especially as land has been annexed into the City and retail and medical services have been developed in the northwest and western side of Lubbock; increased business presence in areas outside of Loop 289 and west of I-27; and societal changes impacting how, where, and why people move around the Lubbock community.

The COA will be accomplished through a series of steps including:

  • Comprehensive public participation plan with community input throughout

  • Analysis of existing routes and services

  • Development of route alternatives and innovative service delivery options

  • Technical analysis of the alternatives

  • Recommended alternative and final plan

As the planning process moved forward from now until when the final recommendations are made in June of 2020, community input will be a key project aspect throughout.

Additional Public Outreach Opportunities

Route Options Workshop, Open Houses, Stakeholder Meetings
Following development of route and bus system options, there will be a route options workshop, open houses at the Downtown transit center and other possible locations, and stakeholder meetings to review the route options and seek input. This is scheduled for the third week of November.

Second Community Survey (online) and Additional Public Workshops/Open Houses
A second online survey will be created for feedback on the preferred Citibus COA system alternative that incorporates public input. There will also be another set of public open houses to review the preferred system alternative with detailed route information. This will occur in late January or early February 2020 with the online survey being open for at least three weeks.

Draft Presentation
LSC will present the draft recommended COA to decision making bodies including the Lubbock City Council. This presentation is scheduled for May of 2020.

Updated: 10/7/19