Jefferson County, MO

Coordinated Transit Plan

The Jefferson County Community Partnership has contracted with LSC Transportation Consultants, Inc. to complete the Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan for Jefferson County. This is an opportunity to identify unmet transportation needs, reduce duplication of services, and develop a coordinated transportation system for Jefferson County

Interim Report #1 - Existing Conditions

 Presents information about existing conditions in Jefferson County, including population characteristics, employment, and travel patterns, as well as an inventory of existing transportation services. An onboard survey and human service agency client survey have been used to obtain input from local residents regarding the need for transportation services.


Interim Report #2 - Transportation Needs Assessment

Provides an updated inventory of transportation providers, a discussion of the results of the community survey, an assessment of transportation need in Jefferson County, service gaps and duplications, and coordination strategies which may be considered to reduce the gaps in service and reduce duplications.


Interim Report #3-1 - Recommended Coordination Strategies 

Provides recommendations for coordination of transportation services in Jefferson County. Each recommended strategy is described with specific application in Jefferson County.



Updated: 10/17/17