Carbon County, MT

Carbon County, MT Transit Development Plan

Through its issuance of a Request for Proposal (RFP), issued on June 18, 2018, the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation (RLACF) sought qualified firms to conduct services necessary to prepare a new 5-Year Transit Development Plan (TDP) for Carbon County, Montana that considers the transportation needs of all Carbon County residents and works cooperatively with existing services to best serve Carbon County residents and possibly visitors.

LSC Transportation Consultants, Inc. (LSC) was selected by RLACF to complete this work and started this study with a kick-off meeting and community familiarization tour on September 19– 21, 2018. The final 5-Year TDP will define the transit development and operational vision; assess the opportunity and capacity for the planning and implementation of the TDP; and provide goals, priorities, and objectives for public transportation in Carbon County, Montana.

Through recent community assessments, RLACF has identified transportation as a top concern among Carbon County residents.

Interim Report #1 - Review of Existing Conditions, Unique Traits, Transit Demand, and Community Needs

Service Options Workshop Informational Handouts


Updated: 12/13/18