City of Commerce City, CO

Shuttle Feasibility Study for the RMANWR, Commerce City, and Stapleton Area

Location: Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge, Commerce City and Stapleton Area, Colorado
Client: City of Commerce City
Project Manager: Albert T. Stoddard III
Date: 2008-2009

The City of Commerce City, Colorado contracted with LSC Transportation Consultants, Inc. to complete a Shuttle Feasibility Study with a focus on determining the needs for services and the feasibility of providing those services in the Commerce City, Rocky Mountain Arsenal national Wildlife Refuge (RMANWR), and Stapleton area. There is a desire to provide access to the Refuge for those from the inner city. Access by transit has the potential to provide a viable mode of access for inner city residents as well as those living in adjacent communities. A well-planned shuttle service has the potential to connect RTD transit routes with the Refuge. the service could also provide access for residents of Commerce City and the Stapleton area.

The focus of this project was to determine the potential demand for a shuttle service and the feasibility of operating the shuttle. Components of the analysis included a detailed assessment of transit demand, shuttle system design, analysis of the costs, and identification of potential funding sources. All of the planning was completed within the context of the adjacent communities, the RMANWR plans, and existing transit services.