Transit Planning and Operations

Transit Plannning

Careful planning of short-and long-range transit improvements, together with evaluations of all practical alternatives, are prerequisites to every successful transit system. The skill with which Comprehensive Operational Analyses, Transit Development Programs (TDPs), Short-Range Transit Plans (SRTP), and Transportation Improvement Plans (TIPs) are prepared is often the key element in securing federal funds for capital improvements or operating assistance. LSC specializes in transit planning for small metropolitan areas or cities with less than 500,000 people. We have had experience in helping areas start new transit service as well as improve or expand existing systems. We can assist in the planning of non-conventional transit service such as commuter subscription, route-deviation, flex-route, dial-a-ride, and special service for the elderly and disabled.


Transit Operations

In communities which have a transit or partransit system, LSC can assist in improving operations. This work may include a performance audit, "fine tuning" of bus routes and schedules, bus stop signing, and establishment of major transit centers. We can also assist in improving driver training, marketing, management, and maintenance practices.



LSC has developed a series of training seminars for transit managers. These range from operations planning to financial management. These seminars have been conducted for state transit associations, departments of transportation, and national conferences. We are available to provide customized training for a local transit agency or training classes for larger groups.


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