Transportation Planning

In order to best serve the goals of a particular community, large or small, it is generally recognized that planning new or improved transportation services must be viewed comprehensively. Our approach is to consider all possible transportation elements and to select those which best provide a solution to the problem.


Traffic Impact Studies

There is a growing need for traffic impact analyses related to proposed residential, commercial, and industrial development projects. In response, local planning agencies are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of good transportation planning and the need for sound analysis of the traffic impacts of proposed developments. A well-designed internal traffic network is critical to the success of a project and the development's impact on the transportation system of the entire community cannot be overlooked. We provide analysis of all aspects of a proposed development's potential traffic generation, distribution, and impact characteristics, and the identification of warranted mitigation measures.


Mountain Resort Transportation Planning

LSC has developed an extensive list of transportation plans for mountain resort communities throughout the American West, including Aspen, Vail, Squaw Valley, Mammoth Lakes, Telluride, Park City, Jackson, Steamboat Springs, and Summit County, Colorado. Working for municipalities, resort developers, and transit agencies, we have successfully developed plans and designs for roadways, parking systems, transit systems, and pedestrian/bicycle facilities.


Transit Planning

Careful planning of short and long-range transit improvements, together with evaluations of all alternatives, are prerequisites to every transit program. LSC specializes in transit planning for cities, counties, and resort areas. We have experience in helping many areas start a new transit service or improve an existing service. We can also assist in the planning of non-conventional transit service such as demand-response service, route deviation, elderly/disabled transportation, or user-side programs.


Transit Marketing Plans

An essential element in the success of transit services is a clear, positive public image. LSC has assisted both demand-response and fixed-route transit systems in the development of efficient, cost-effective marketing programs, as well as the evaluation of existing marketing efforts.


Transit Training Seminars

Employee turnover in the transit industry generates an ongoing need for management training. LSC has developed a series of training seminars and workshops regarding financial planning, operations planning, the competitive contracting process, and transit demand analysis geared toward managers of small to mid-sized transit properties.


Transit Operations

Assistance is provided by LSC in improving the operations of existing transit systems. This may include updating bus routes and schedules, design of transit centers and park-and-ride facilities, modifications to traffic signals, improved dispatching procedures, or bus stop signing. We can also assist in improving management and maintenance practices, forecasting future patronage, and developing financial and organizational plans.

Transportation Facility Planning and Design

LSC has extensive experience in the design and planning for intermodal centers, transit maintenance facilities, roadway, pedestrian/bicycle, and parking facility design. Our work has included programming, site design, functional design, cost estimating, and environmental analysis for a wide range of public and private clients.

Parking Planning and Design

Parking control can be a key strategy in achieving economic vitality, reducing traffic congestion, improving air quality, and reaching revenue generation goals. We can assist public and private agencies in the evaluation of parking demand, space requirements, control mechanisms, and development of layout plans including plans and construction cost estimates. In addition, we have had considerable experience in all aspects of parking feasibility studies including analysis of rate structures, operating costs, financing, and bond requirements.

Pedestrian/Bicycle Planning

The planning and preliminary design of facilities for non-motorized forms of transportation is becoming increasingly important. LSC has developed plans for bicycle and pedestrian facilities in a variety of urban and rural study areas, for both public and private clients.

Expert Testimony

We frequently make technical presentations to citizens groups and government bodies. We are also fully qualified to serve in the role of expert witness for our clients.

Traffic Signals

The proper design, phasing, and timing of a traffic signal is critical to the efficiency and safety with which pedestrians and vehicles are able to proceed through the controlled intersection. We offer the capability for the design of individual intersections and signal systems as well as construction supervision and acceptance testing.

Data Collection

LSC has been involved in a wide variety of data collection since the firm's inception. Our studies have included machine traffic volume counts, peak-hour turning movement counts, parking lot studies, vehicle classification counts, and speed and delay studies. The firm uses the latest, state-of-the-art computer hardware and software in its computer-assisted analyses of transportation data.


The development and increasing popularity of the modern roundabout in North America is one of the most exciting recent innovations in the field of traffic engineering. Proper planning and engineering design as well as public involvement and communication of the roundabout option requires a detailed understanding of their operation, design, and implementation. LSC staff have the experience and knowledge regarding roundabout design and operations necessary to ensure that each facility operates safely and efficiently.

Traffic Engineering

Our traffic engineering services emphasize the development of plans which integrate circulation, access, pedestrian, and parking facilities in order to optimize capacity and safety. Our experience encompasses all aspects of traffic engineering, including operations, design, and safety.

Traffic Safety

Our studies of traffic safety focus on the development of improvement programs which can be readily implemented. These studies include traffic accident analysis, identification of safety deficiencies, development of safe routes to school, design of school circulation/drop-off/pick-up areas and special needs studies and programs. Often our studies will include identification of traffic calming measures or recommendations for appropriate signing and striping.



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