Parking Planning and Design


Reflecting the land requirements and costs of parking, the size, layout, and operation of parking facilities are key factors in the success of both individual development projects as well as community activity centers. LSC Transportation Consultants, Inc. assists public and private clients in the evaluation of parking demand and space requirements, management strategies, traffic operations requirements, and development of plans, specifications, and estimates. LSC also provides expertise in operations and management of new and existing facilities.


Parking Need Studies


The transportation profession is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of balancing the need for adequate parking against the cost and environmental impacts associated with excessive parking supply. LSC is well versed in analysis of the various factors that should be considered in this important decision, such as the potential reductions associated with non-auto travel, the internalization of trips within an activity center, and particularly the potential shared use of parking spaces among land uses with differing peaks in demand.


Parking Design


The efficiency of parking facilities can vary substantially depending on design. LSC has the experience needed to maximize the number of spaces that can be provided within a given area, as well as to consider the traffic flow and driver convenience factors associated with various designs. In addition to development of plans for new parking areas, we have used this expertise to increase the parking capacity of existing facilities.


Feasibility Studies


LSC has developed feasibility for many parking facilities, including the development of facility plans, assessment of parking utilization, revenue generation, and operational costs. These studies have been used as the basis for financing and bonding of numerous private and public parking facilities.


Parking Management


The effectiveness of a parking facility can also be increased through management strategies, such as time limitation enforcement, permit programs, variable pricing, and valet programs. LSC can apply extensive experience to the evaluation of potential management strategies in a wide range of settings, including impacts on parking utilization, revenue generation, operational costs, and traffic conditions.


Area-Wide Studies


LSC has extensive experience in planning for parking facilities and programs for commercial districts, as well as medical and college campuses. In addition to assessing parking needs and potential facilities, we have identified strategies that manage demand through provision of alternative transportation access as well as through regulation and pricing programs.


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